Other Waste Removal and Management Services in Gosford

Keeping the environment clean and orderly is one of the principles that keep Gosford Skip Bins going. Certainly, we want to serve the residents and businesses in Gosford but we also want to keep our city as clean as possible.

We are proud to tell you that the service and resources we use are of high quality and guaranteed reliable. While we offer services for handling your waste, may it be household waste or rubbish from commercial and industrial projects, our top priority is to ensure that hazardous situations and damages are minimised, if not totally prevented. On this page, learn and familiarise yourself with some of the important considerations prior to working with us.

Asbestos removal

Gosford Skip Bins offers you services for asbestos removal. Asbestos are common in homes that were built before 1987. If you think that your materials at home contain asbestos, we suggest that you request a copy of our guidelines and instructions in removing them safely. You must also consult an expert before you put the materials suspected to have asbestos in a skip bin because we have a different method for asbestos removal.


Any kind of materials that contain asbestos or insulation material must not be included in general waste or skip bins for recycled materials. You have to make a strict appointment with us if you have to remove materials containing asbestos or insulation materials.

Paint, gas containers or cylinders, and empty containers of chemicals are strictly prohibited in all of our skip bins. Dangerous waste materials including chemicals, oils, contaminated waste, and liquids are strictly banned in all kinds of bins. These materials require a different method of disposal, and there are certain laws and regulations about the disposal of hazardous materials. Furthermore, we can refer you to the City’s collection centres if you need to dispose these materials.

Contact us today

Contact Gosford Skip Bins if you need asbestos and insulation material removal services. We impose strict procedures for this service. Contact us to address your concerns and make arrangements for the immediate disposal of these materials.